When thinking of conrete, most people instantly think of general grey concrete. However WA Exposed Concreting specialises in decorative concrete.

Decorative concrete comes in many different forms:

  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Honed & Polished
  • Limestone

Each of these again come in different form that enable us to create the style and look you are trying to create in your garden or driveway. All decorative concretes are sealed to repel oils, grease and water stains and enhance the colour of the aggregate to ensure it continues to looks its finest for years after it has been poured.

All of our products are:

  • Quality Assured
  • Quickly realised
  • Highly Durable
  • Maintenance Free

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed Aggregate is a specialised concrete mix containing aggregates which means it is available in a wide range of attractive colour combinations and can suit any budget. Exposed Aggregate is an increasingly popular choice for many indoor and outdoor applications. Driveways, paths, pool surrounds, landscaping features, alfresco areas and patios can all benefit from this versatile material that provides plenty of grip.

Exposed Aggregate is poured and then receives a high pressure wash off the next day to create a unique and textured finished. Exposed aggregate is durable, all-weather, and completely maintenance free. Aside from the benefit that tyres do not mark the surface, exposed Aggregate is also great for keeping ants and weeds controlled.

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Honed & Polished Concrete

Honed and polished concrete is made of the same materials as exposed aggregate concrete. However, in contrast to exposed aggregate, honed and polished is ground down with diamond cutting equipment to create a smooth, polished finish that make it a great way to add a sophisticated and modern look to your home or business.

The polished surface highlights the natural character and colours of the material, which is celebrated for its inherent architectural beauty. Honed concrete has a satiny smooth, matte appearance that is soft to walk on. Scratches and minor wear are less noticeable on the honed and polished concrete finish, and it is resistant to tyre marks. Honed and polished Concrete is allergy-free and requires little to no maintenance to keep it looking its finest. Concrete’s thermal qualities also allow for heat retention in winter and a cooler surface in summer.

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Liquid Limestone

Liquid limestone is an attractive alternative to brick paving, or concrete pavers. Liquid Limestone is crushed limestone finished in different patterns such as diamond, squares and random squares. This low-maintenance material provides a smooth but textured finish that  can handle high pressure and continuous traffic. Liquid limestone stays cool underfoot even during Western Australian summers, making it a suitable solution for around pools, outdoor patios and alfresco areas. Liquid limestone does not crack easily and can be poured in continuous areas, so there is much less chance of weeds invading.

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General Concrete

WA Exposed Concreting can handle a range of general concreting jobs. For a practical and stylish look, concrete is hard to beat.

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